Educational content to support Actua's instructors

Educational: writing, design, animation

We worked with Actua, a STEM outreach organization, to help transform their existing written Instructor Guides into engaging video and audio content. 

Actua's existing Instructor Guides were used to train their instructors how to work with youth in classroom and group settings. However, Actua felt that narrated audio content and animated video content might provide Instructors with an enhanced learning experience. The animated video content produced included both slideshow-style content for the learning portions of the modules, and animated video introductions for the start of the modules.

All content was produced in both French and English, with the animated videos matching Actua’s visual branding.

A sample animated video created for Actua. This video is used as an introduction for the 'Future Skills' module of Actua's Instructor course.

The French version of the Future Skills introduction video.

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