Found My Fitness

We work with Dr. Rhonda Patrick and FoundMyFitness to produce regular interviews, educational videos, and graphics for live talks, to help share new research in health and fitness.

Educational: research, scripting, animation
"Avo Media brings a unique style and voice to science that hits you in a profoundly ineffable “I know when I see it” kind of way. They are the consummate visual storytellers, bringing to bear powerful analytical skills and fusing it with artistry that captivates and elevates the viewer. They are curious, empathetic, and brilliant. I cannot recommend them enough and look forward to following their work for years to come."

- Dr. Rhonda Patrick

We worked with Dr. Patrick and FoundMyFitness to write, animate, and produce this explainer video on psilocybin and its potential use in research into depression and other conditions. Includes an interview with Dr. Roland Griffiths.

Dr. Patrick recorded an interview with Dr. Steve Horvath, a leading researcher in aging, genetics, and biostatistics. The interview discusses many specialized concepts, so we produced a video to help bridge that gap before the interview’s release. We worked with Dr. Patrick to develop a script and animations to give viewers all the information needed to understand the interview.

We worked with Dr. Rhonda Patrick to write, fact-check, and animate this explainer video about cold-water immersion and cryotherapy. We cover how cold causes an increased circulation of norepinephrine and the resulting cascade of adaptive effects, including the activation of brown fat (brown adipose tissue).

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