Geoscience Case Studies

Written case studies that highlight software and technology

Technical Writing, Marketing, Research

Mira Geoscience

We worked with Mira Geoscience, a mining consulting and software services company, to highlight their work done with Canadian Royalties. They were approached by Canadian Royalties to find a more efficient way to detect nickel deposits on their property. What ensued was the creation of an innovative workflow Mira wanted to highlight. For this case study, we conducted subject-matter-expert interviews with both Mira and Canadian Royalties, and produced a written case study, as well as a technical deep dive.

Read the Case Study or the Technical Deep Dive.

ALS GoldSpot Discoveries

We also worked with ALS GoldSpot Discoveries, an AI focused mineral exploration services company, to create a series of written case studies about their proprietary technologies. This included their MPass helicopter-borne geophysical data collection system, and their Litholens AI core scanning technology.

Download the Case Studies.

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