Election Explainers

A video series that helped British Columbians learn more about the 2020 Provincial General Election

Journalism: reporting, scripting, animation

We worked with the The Tyee to create these explainer videos. Our goal: to help those who care about the election and intend to vote, but haven’t been following every twist and turn of BC’s political landscape since the last election.

When premier John Horgan called a snap election in late 2020, many British Columbians were taken off-guard. In this video, we answer the biggest questions asked by BC-ers, like “Why are we having an election now?”, “How can I vote safely in a pandemic?”, and “What on earth is this ‘CASA’ everyone keeps talking about?”, all in under four minutes.

A Tyee Poll found that Climate Change was the top election issue among readers, so we created an explainer to compare parties’ climate platforms.

Political party platforms tend to be dense, and deliberately hard to compare. We poured through each platform, and broke them down into categories including emissions goals, carbon tax, liquified natural gas (LNG), pipelines, electric vehicles, and many others.

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