Koby Michaels


Koby has been communicating science since accidentally joining The Ubyssey, UBC’s student newspaper, in 2014. During his time at the paper, Koby founded the science section, serving as the section's editor for two years.

Koby has written and produced science journalism for The Ubyssey, WBUR, and NPR. After transitioning to focus on video, Koby has worked with Geering Up UBC and Actua — two of Canada’s leading STEM outreach organisations — producing documentary and education videos from across Canada and the Arctic.

Koby has worked as a research assistant, journalist, editor, science educator, curriculum writer, filmmaker, photographer, and STEM outreach specialist.

Koby holds a Bachelor of Science in Integrated Science from the University of British Columbia.

When not communicating science, Koby can usually be found taking photos, exploring the backcountry, or trying not to spill his green tea on whatever book he’s reading.