Nicole Doucette


Nicole's passion for the written word began at age 8, when she wrote a 12-page 'novel' about talking hamsters. Though she was surprised the book was never picked up by publishers, she continued to write and expand her creative palette throughout the years.

Her work in science communication started in 2013 when she became a science columnist for The Cannon , U of T’s engineering newspaper. After completing her degree, she started freelance science communication — where she's done everything from writing technical software guides and marketing case studies, to producing podcasts. Nicole has also worked as an EIT and Science Communicator for several mining and geoscience companies, including RPA Inc., Kinross, Suncor, and Seequent.

Nicole produced and co-hosted the Discovery to Recovery podcast for geologists, which peaked on the Apple Podcasts charts as the #1 Earth Science podcast in the USA and #4 in Canada.

Nicole holds a Bachelor’s of Applied Science in Mineral Engineering from the University of Toronto.

Outside of work, you can find Nicole rock climbing or roller skating around Vancouver.